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The Acrobat™ is a versatile machine capable of butt fusing pipe and fittings with a variety of pressure ratings. With its small footprint and light weight, it can be carried from joint to joint yet has the same rugged durability and long-lasting performance expected of any McElroy butt fusion machine.

The Acrobat was designed with a small footprint and optimal weight. The modular EP800AD HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) consumes minimal power and is also lightweight, making it easy to move from joint-to-joint.

Acrobat carriages are thoughtfully designed to quickly adapt to meet jobsite demands. They can be configured from a 4-jaw to a 3-jaw machine by removing the base without the use of tools. In more confining spaces, the top jaws can be removed completely with the pull of a pin, for easier manipulation around pipe and fittings. A convenient insert design allows an operator to effortlessly change sizes to fit pipe dimensions with a snap. And the heater and facer can be loaded from either the top or the bottom of the carriage (in the 3-jaw configuration) giving the operator better access and flexibility regardless of the joining challenge.

The Acrobat is compatible with two impressive hydraulic power units designed to meet the maximum system pressure desired on your jobsite. Choose either the lightweight EP800AD HPU that has a gauge pressure up to 800 PSI, or the more powerful EP1500AD HPU, that can reach pressures up to 1,500 PSI.

Both HPUs offer low power consumption. The EP800AD HPU's smart design also allows both the heater and facer to plug into the HPU, allowing the entire machine to draw power from only one receptacle.

The intelligent design of both the EP800AD and EP1500AD HPUs allow the operator to preset the facing, heating and fusing pressures individually without having to make adjustments between operations — greatly streamlining the fusion process.

Acrobat machines are compatible with the McElroy DataLogger, a handheld computer that records and documents the key parameters of the fusion process. These joint records are used to verify that proper fusion procedures have been followed prior to installation, which is a growing jobsite requirement. Joint records from the DataLogger can be stored and analyzed in the Vault™, a secure server on the internet. This allows quick and easy sorting, tagging and sharing of joint records by machine, joint, operator, device or job.

McElroy equipment is built to withstand the tough environments our industry encounters. We're confident that your machine will perform to the best of its capabilities. We've even given each piece of equipment a 5-year warranty — the longest available in the industry.

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