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Full Service Poly Pipe Solutions

Fusion Training

We provide McElroy Certified Training, Plasson USA Certified Training, and other manufacturer approved training programs upon request. Many of our training courses comply with ASTM F3190 - 16, and teach operators to make fusions in accordance with ASTM F2620.  In all of our training courses, we adhere to the highest level industry standards applicable in order to mitigate risk and prepare you for success on the jobsite.  Training is sure to improve performance in the following areas. 


Creating successful pipe welds is key to your success. Have us train you to get the best pipe joints each time. We'll show you the ins and outs to make sure you can consistently perform pipe joining procedures.


There are a lot of accessories out there that can speed up your joining procedures. We'll show you exactly which ones to buy and best methods to use these smaller pieces of equipment.


All students will gain field experience with pipe joining machines. That way, after the course is complete, you can make plenty of successful joints and feel more comfortable on the job. 

Fusion Equipment

New Fusion Equipment

Refurbished Fusion Equipment

Fusion Accessories

We source our fusion equipment from vendors throughout the country, which allows us to minimize lead times.  We always make sure to provide the highest quality products and equipment in the industry.

We pride ourselves in the ability to take broken down fusion equipment, figure out what's wrong, and make it work perfectly again.   Check out our Featured Items section to find used and refurbished equipment options.

We provide the largest machines and equipment for pipe fusion, but we also carry all the small items such as drills, pipe holders, and more.  Contact us for help finding everything you need to get the job done.