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HDPE/MDPE Hydraulic Fusion Quick Guide - Machine Operation

Posted by Ben Murphy on


  1. Inspect, Clean & Install Pipe
  • Inspect machine and pipe.
  • Review HEAT SOAK time, BEAD SIZE, OPEN/CLOSE time, and COOLING time.
  • CLEAN inserts and pipe.
  • Install and clamp pipe. If pipe ends are fairly even, check ALIGNMENT. 
  1. Prepare Pipe Ends
  • FACE pipe ends until the facer stops bottom out.
  • CLEAN fusion area after facing.
  • At FACING pressure, check ALIGNMENT of the pipe ends and check for GAPS.
  1. Set Fusion Parameters
  • Measure DRAG.
  • Set FUSING pressure and ensure the pipe does not slip through the jaws at FUSING pressure.
  • Check the heater TEMPERATURE and CLEAN heater surfaces.
  • Set the heater into the machine between pipe ends.
  • Click “START” on the DataLogger® to begin recording.
  1. Shift Sequence & Heat Soak
  • Close the pipe against the heater under FUSING pressure.
  • Conduct a BEAD-UP Cycle.
  • Shift the SELECTOR VALVE up from FUSING to HEATING position.
  • Watch the pressure gauge until pressure drops to the preset DRAG pressure or lower.
  • Shift the DIRECTIONAL VALVE into NEUTRAL position.
  • Maintain contact of the pipe ends against the heater with NO FORCE for the entire HEAT SOAK time.
  1. Heater Removal & Pipe Inspection
  • Shift the SELECTOR VALVE down to FUSING position and open the carriage until the stripper bars engage the jaws (for large machines you will have to index the heater to the right to strip it off the pipe end).
  • Remove the heater and INSPECT the pipe ends for condition of the melt.
  1. Fuse & Cool
  • Close the carriage at FUSING pressure to fuse the pipe.
  • Maintain FUSING pressure for the entire COOLING time.
  1. Open Jaws & Inspect Fusion
  • STOP the DataLogger.
  • Shift the SELECTOR VALVE up from FUSING to HEATING position.
  • Shift the DIRECTIONAL VALVE into NEUTRAL position.
  • Loosen the jaws, open the carriage and INSPECT the fusion.
  • Review the DataLogger joint report.

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