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HDPE/MDPE Hydraulic Fusion Quick Guide - Setting the Drag Pressure

Posted by Ben Murphy on


  • With the pipes spaced approximately 2” apart, shift the SELECTOR VALVE to the heating position.
  • Back the HEATING PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE all the way out by turning the knob counter-clockwise until it stops.
  • Shift the DIRECTIONAL VALVE to the closed position.
  • If the carriage doesn’t move, slowly increase the HEATING PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE until the carriage begins to move, then back the pressure off until the carriage is barely moving.
  • Before the pipe ends come together, look at the manifold gauge and note the pressure.

IMPORTANT:  If the carriage moves with the HEATING PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE backed all the way out then you will use 30 PSI for drag. 

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