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McElroy DataLogger 7

Posted by Ben Murphy on

Poly Pipe Supply is proud to announce that we are taking orders for the all new Datalogger 7, which was released in November of 2020.   The DataLogger 7® uses the most advanced technology, with the power to revolutionize your business while creating an advantage for your business in the industry. 

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McElroy’s DataLogger 7® has a large 7” display, with a new fast processor, using an Android 9 operating system with a built in “Find my Device” function ability. 

The battery life is what has all of our customers excited.  It has a 14+ hour battery life, with the ability to hot swap batteries.  There is an optional extended life kit that you can purchase with a car charger and an additional battery.

It is designed to withstand all of the elements, with top of the line outdoor visibility.  It is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.  One company was quoted as saying that the DataLogger 7® stood up to the scorching heat and dust of West Texas and the snow and rain in Montana and Wyoming.  The connector is rugged and is designed to last through at least 5,000 cycles, which is approximately 3 ½ years of daily usage.  The DataLogger 7® is also capable of connecting to different machines.  The software updates offer ease of use in guiding the user through the process for using the Fusion Quality Assurance program. 

The ability to communicate via the DataLogger® 7 SIM card is an integral piece for troubleshooting, giving technicians a confidence booster when they are out in the field by themselves. The DataLogger® 7 comes with an installed SD card built into the device so that your fusion records are automatically backed up so that you have peace of mind until the operator is able to upload to the vault.    

The DataLogger® 7 comes with a three-year, bumper to bumper warranty.  Even if you accidentally run over the tablet, send the pieces back to McElroy for a replacement. 

Please feel free to contact us for more details!

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