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MegaMc 1600

Posted by Ben Murphy on

Do you have an enormous job ahead?  Look no farther! The MegaMc® 1600 fusion machine can tackle the largest of pipe jobs, with the ability to butt fuse pipe sizes from 20” OD to 65” OD (500mm – 1600mm).  The newest MegaMc machine features four jaws with an astounding 30,000 lbs. of clamping force per jaw for improved gripping and re-rounding of pipe.  With 88,000 lbs. of fusion force, operators will find they have extra force in reserve to overcome heavier drag forces.  Packed within its road-approved 102” width are key features that will inspire big love for this big machine.

The McElroy MegaMc® 1600 Features: 

  • Patented Centerline Guidance System for equal distribution of force around the joint;
  • Original Industry standard for hydraulic control systems;
  • Serrated jaws and inserts keep pipe from slipping during fusion;
  • ISO-compliant industrial Teflon-coated plates;
  • Advanced blade design for smooth face and long life;
  • Powerful hydraulic facer for facing the toughest pipe with ease;
  • DataLogger® compatible;
  • Hard-anodized aluminum wear surfaces for corrosion resistance;
  • High-force and medium-force cylinder machines available;
  • Hydraulic pipe lifts;
  • Rugged outriggers for added stability;
  • 4-jaw carriage only;
  • Hydraulic clamping available (standard on all MegaMc machines);
  • Hydraulic pivoting heater and facer;
  • Complete fourth jaw can be removed as a whole unit, for enhanced convenience in fusing prefabricated fittings onto the pipe Removable fourth jaw for enhanced convenience in fusing prefabricated fittings onto the pipe; and
  • Automatic hydraulic heater stripping to improve open and close times.

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