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PitBull 28 Combination Unit

Posted by Ben Murphy on

McElroy Pit Bull® machines are designed to deliver consistent joint quality every time. The patented Centerline Guidance feature is a balanced force system that ensures that the pipe centerline is on the same plane as the clamping jaws to provide equal distribution of force around the diameter of the pipe. Rigid aluminum carriage construction and hard anodized jaws assist in re-rounding the pipe and maintaining alignment. Electric-powered hydraulic units utilize a semiautomatic control that maintains steady pressure throughout the fusion process – helping to produce quality joints.

Compact and portable, the McElroy Pit Bull® carriage is built specifically for pipe fusion in the trenches. Machines are available in multiple configurations to ensure your pipe fusion needs are covered. The Pit Bull 28 machines butt fuse pipe sizes from 2” IPS to 8” DIPS (63mm to 225mm). On tight installations, or to fuse tees, ells, adapters and fittings, the machines can be converted from a 4-jaw to a 3-jaw carriage for an even more compact fusion unit.

The carriage, heater, insulated heater stand and Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) are separate components that can be situated in various arrangements to allow flexibility in confined environments. Also available is a Pit Bull 28 Combination Unit (CU) that allows fusion of branch saddles with a maximum base diameter of 9.63” onto any size main.

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