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DynaMc® 412 HP (Hand Pump) Fusion Machine Package

Brand: McElroy

SKU: A1263601

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DynaMc® 412 is capable of fusing 4" IPS - 12" DIPS (110mm - 340mm).  

Built for in-ditch and close-quarter fusion, the DynaMc line of 412 machines pack a lot of power into small packages. The machine combines the robust, patented features of standard McElroy machines into smaller units for use in tight working environments.

The DynaMc 412 HP butt fuses with a hand-powered pump, while the DynaMc 412 EP is powered by the Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU). Both models are available as 2- and 4-Jaw units.

This package includes fusion carriage, facer, facer stand, heater and insulated heater stand.

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