QuickCamp™ 8" IPS - 24" OD (225MM - 630MM) Package

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Cylinder Force
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QUICKCAMP™ 8" IPS - 24" OD (225MM - 630MM)

A lighted, insulated and climate-controlled enclosure that allows operators to fuse pipe day or night under all weather conditions.

The QuickCamp Shelter ships as a standard 20' ISO cargo container that easily expands to 24' x 21'. Once fully set up, the QuickCamp Shelter provides a comfortable working environment and has ample space for a break room, office space or storage. Working inside, machine operators are protected from outside elements as pipe is fed from the MegaMc PolyHorse via remote through the QuickCamp Shelter. Patent-pending pipe enclosures keep the elements out, protecting fusion joint integrity and keeping your operators working in comfort.

Includes QuickCamp Shelter, 630 fusion machine carriage, MegaMc® PolyHorse® and MegaMc® Rollers pipe handling systems, two pipe support stands and three standard 20' dry freight containers.