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Plasson Pipe End Peeler Mandrels

Pipe End Peeler with Mandrels (3/4" - 2" IPS)

Brand: Plasson

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Pipe End Peeler w/Mandrels come complete in carry case with all mandrels, peeler arm/spindle and bit handle. This product is designed for scraping pipe sizes 3/4" - 2" IPS. 

The Pipe End Peelers, sometimes referred to as scrapers, are meant exclusively for the removal of the oxide layer on polyethylene pipes as preparation for electrofusion (EF). The scraper tool can be used for pipe end and spigot fittings and outlets. Additionally the Pipe End Peeler is approved for usage on polypropylene (PP) and cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) pipes.

The scraping tools feature a bit which makes it possible to use them together with standard cordless screwdrivers.  Configurations are available with or without the cordless drill and charger.

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