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Electrofusion Machine w/ USB & Bluetooth (110 Volt)
Electrofusion Machine w/ USB & Bluetooth (110 Volt)
Electrofusion Machine w/ USB & Bluetooth (110 Volt)

Electrofusion Machine w/ USB & Bluetooth (110 Volt)


The Polymatic Plus is the most advanced electrofusion processor on the market.  It's companion mobile app reminds the user of the critical steps to the electrofusion process, and creates a record to verify proper procedure.

This unit comes equipped/compatible with the following features: Barcode-System, Plasson Smart Fuse System, GPS - (in Smart Fuse App), Manual-Mode, Data Recording with USB-Interface, Traceability functions conform to ASTM F2897, Bluetooth, Plasson Smart Fuse App

Why choose Polymatic Plus?

The Polymatic Plus is a cutting edge electrofusion processor designed with Plasson's Electrofusion Smart System technology. Whether making a single electrofusion or taking on a big project, this electrofusion processor is up to the task and will deliver the highest quality electrofusions. Operators will have peace of mind with the Polymatic Plus as the control box executes and fully monitors each and every electrofusion process. The Polymatic Plus is rugged, reliable, and conforms to industry standards for electrofusion equipment. Features include: Bluetooth and GPS capability, easy to use barcode scanner, safe and reliable connectors, data recording, USB interface, Plasson's Smart Fuse System and the Smart Fuse App. Learn more about the Smart Fuse System and Smart Fuse App below!

Smart Fuse App

The Plasson SmartFuse App makes the electrofusion process simple, reliable, and consistent.

Plasson SmartFuse App


The SmartFuse App allows for customizable, individualized accounts and profiles to be stored and utilized during electrofusion operations.

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Review all important protocol information prior to beginning the electrofusion process such as pipe, fitting, and machine information.

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The Welding function captures data during the welding process and captures information such as: job code, joint code, photos, GPS-data, etc.

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The barcode features allows for easy scanning of pipe and fitting barcodes, as well as other components and fusion operator badges.

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Conveniently upload electrofusion records to be stored and reviewed anytime. These records will remain secure and accessible by only those with proper permissions.

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Any additional information you may need to know about the app or process can be found here. Find helpful tips, privacy and legal information here.

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