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Acrobat Fusion Equipment for Mechanical / HVAC / Plumbing

The Acrobat fusion machines offer the best capabilities for butt fusing polypropylene piping systems seen in today's most advanced HVAC, mechanical and commercial plumbing applications. With its optimal weight and compact design, the Acrobat is an easy machine to manipulate whether you're fusing pipe in the ceilings, the walls or the ground. Models are available to cover pipe size ranges from 63mm to 630mm (2" to 24") polypropylene pipe.

The Acrobat was designed with a small footprint and optimal weight — making overhead fusions a breeze. The modular EP800AD HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) consumes less power and is also lightweight, making it easy to move between jobsites

The Acrobat is compatible with two hydraulic power units (HPUs) designed to meet the maximum system pressure desired on your jobsite. Two carriage pressure configurations are available: low force, for fusing in lowdrag situations or with thinner-walled pipe; and high-force, for fusing in high drag and vertical applications. Both allow the operator to preset the facing, heating and fusing pressures.

The Acrobat meets jobsite demands with the ability to perform fusions overhead, vertically or horizontally. The narrow jaws of the Acrobat allow fusions to most flanges and fittings — and in the Acrobat 250 and 315 models a lightweight heater and guide rod latching system eliminates holding the heater in place manually during overhead fusions.