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Acrobat™ 160 Productivity Package

Acrobat™ 160 Productivity Package

Brand: McElroy

SKU: A714201

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Acrobat™ 160 Productivity Package 

The Acrobat™ 160 is a low-force fusion machine that allows operators to butt fuse pipe in tight work spaces. With its small footprint and optimal weight, it is an easy machine to manipulate when performing overhead fusions in tight spaces as well on the ground.

For even tighter spaces, the Acrobat 160 can be configured from 4 jaws to 3 jaws without using tools.

This package includes fusion machine, facer, heater, insulated heater stand, facer stand, EP800AD HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit), 125mm inserts, shipping container, Manual Machine Stand and two PolyPorters®

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