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Polygon Fusion Equipment for Mechanical / HVAC / Plumbing

Miter And Butt Fusion For 63mm To 160mm (2"-6") And Socket Fusion Capability For 63mm To 125mm (2"-4") Polypropylene Pipe And Fittings

The Polygon is a three-in-one machine used to butt fuse joints and fabricate miter joints from zero- to 45-degree angles with additional socket fusion capability for polypropylene pipe. It is McElroy's first manual butt fusion machine that is compatible with the DataLogger®, providing documentation that joints were fused according to standard.

The mitering options are designed to meet the unique complexities of mechanical piping installations and retrofits, saving time and costs on purchasing molded or fabricated fittings.The Polygon easily adapts to socket fusion by swapping out the jaws with an optional Spider™ 125 Series 2 Adapter Kit.