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Rolling Fusion Equipment for Mechanical / HVAC / Plumbing

The McElroy Rolling machines have staked a claim as the industry standard since 1975. Their ease of use and rugged quality construction opened the door for the most extensive line of fusion machines on the market. Wheeled for easy maneuvering on the jobsite, the carriage on many of the machines is easily removable for close-quarter fusion.

Fusion machine portability brings convenience to jobsites with longer pipelines. The Rolling machines are easily towed to each fusion area and remain stationary as sticks of pipe are fused and pulled through.

Two of our most popular Rolling machines, the 412 and 618, come in electric or self-contained gas models to power the heater, facer and hydraulic pump. These options allow contractors to choose their preferred power source and meet the specific requirements of each jobsite. Each have their advantages. The gas models offer a self-contained unit with an on-board generator and 120V and 240V receptacles. Electric models require a power source from either a separate generator or an indoor outlet and are a good option when fusing indoors because they don't produce fumes.

* Gas powered machines are available for 412 and 618

All Rolling machines are compatible with the McElroy DataLogger, a handheld computer that records and documents the key parameters of the fusion process. These joint records are used to verify that proper fusion procedures have been followed prior to installation, which is a growing jobsite requirement. Joint records from the DataLogger can be stored and analyzed in the Vault™, a secure server on the internet. This allows quick and easy sorting, tagging and sharing of joint records by machine, joint, operator, device or job.