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TracStar 1200

Posted by Ben Murphy on

The McElroy TracStar® 1200 brings larger pipe capability to its line of self-propelled, track-mounted fusion machines. The TracStar 1200 butt fuses pipe from 16” OD to 48” OD (450mm to 1200mm) and can traverse most any terrain.  The TracStar 1200 is a self-contained machine, which features an on-board generator for powering the heater and facer, which is now positioned between the fixed jaws for easier pipe transfer.  The carriage can be easily removed for in-ditch use.  The engine is available with advanced emission control technology that meets the EPA's latest Tier 4 standards, without the need for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).  An Automated TracStar 1200 is available upon request.

The McElroy TracStar® 1200 Features: 

  • Patented Centerline Guidance System for equal distribution of force around the joint;
  • ISO-compliant industrial Teflon-coated heater plates;
  • Advanced blade design for smooth face and long life;
  • Datalogger® compatible;
  • Removable 3-jaw or 4-jaw carriage for close quarter fusion;
  • Hydraulic outriggers for machine stability and leveling;
  • Dual hydraulic pipe lifts aid in loading and unloading pipe;
  • Serrated jaws and inserts keep pipe from slipping during fusion;
  • Hydraulic pivoting heater and facer;
  • Wireless remote driving control;
  • Dual speed tracks;
  • Ergonomic operator platform;
  • Redesigned cowling allows easy access for machine maintenance;
  • Remote engine stop/start capabilities; and
  • Also available as an Automated Fusion Machine.

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